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Welcome to Our Blog Page

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the IAEI welcomes you to our new monthly blog titled “Did You Know“.

Join us each month for a new topic of discussion. These blogs are meant to stimulate our thinking and perhaps introduce us to new sections of the code we are not familiar with. All articles will be archived on this website.

Our thanks to Dustin Behounek for initiating this idea and writing the articles. We welcome your opinions and look forward to your input. You can email any questions to Dustin here.

Did You Know?

NEC Changes and Adoption

Did you know… NEC Changes and Adoption ​It is approaching that time again, bikini season, whoops…. Wrong article, NFPA 70 Public Input Stage.  Most, if not all of us in the electrical industry are well aware the NEC is revised, then updated every three years for the latest version.  This blog will not go into any...

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Did You Know…

Did you know that for the installation of a temporary job-site trailer, you need to refer to several NEC articles? Let’s see how to navigate this. For the temporary installation of a job trailer (manufactured buildings and relocatable structures), one would think you would begin with Article 545. However, the section...

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